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Culture of participation
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Culture of participation encourages consumers and fans to participate actively in the creation and distribution of newly created content. In the 90 'of the twentieth century people often stressed the impact of interactive media technologies on forming of the culture.

Today, a culture of participation can be observed, where advertisers, games, media producers, network executives, bloggers show a very high activity in the creation of consumer culture.

Culture of participation vs traditional media

Defining the culture of participation led to the emergence of a strong contrast in comparison to earlier beliefs about the role of the media. The passive attitude of the media audience is not obvious today. Earlier also people clearly distinguished the role of consumer and producer. Under the influence of culture of participation of these boundaries are blurred. It is rather said of the interaction of these two entities (producers and consumers).

Interactions vary, because not all participants are equal. Corporations still have more power in comparison with consumers. Consumers also differentiate their participation, often because of different skills (some people do not have them at all, others have outstanding).

Examples of culture of participation

Underlying the emergence of a culture of participation is, according to H. Jenkins' s Web 2.0 technology. Web 2.0 Internet services are created primarily by users of the service. Formation of many Web 2.0 sites occurred after year 2001. There occurs contact between various kinds of subcultures, fan communities and other cultural participation.

YouTube site gives the opportunity for amateur content to compete with commercial. Users rate, comment on, pay attention to detail (often funny, embarrassing mistakes are spotted). After that content is becoming widely known, thanks to user activity.

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