Differentiated marketing strategy

Differentiated marketing strategy also called qualitative leadership strategy involves looking for such features that distinguish a particular company (its products, services) from another and are important for the segment of potential customers. The company aims to be unique (or to convince buyers of the uniqueness) in a given industry. As a result, it satisfies the needs of recipients, those who, instead of standard products, prefer brand, are less sensitive to the price. The differentiated strategy is applicable in a situation when the chosen product or service may be called unique, it may happen when the functionality of a given good is highlighted or the level of quality is sufficient. It happens, however, that a product or service becomes better than competitors not because of quality, but thanks to the form of promotions that are advertised on the market. Providing a unique product or service offer is carried out by all kinds of marketing or technological innovations:

  • focusing attention on a product for which a high level of competence in design and marketing is required, at the same time applying a niche strategy on an international scale;
  • development of products from related industries characterized by high technology and a much more complex product
  • selective relocation, which includes the transfer of specific components of the value chain, mainly related to development and research, in the search for knowledge and brand, this applies mainly to sectors with intermediate and advanced technology.


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