Benefits of social media marketing

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Benefits of social media marketing
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According to Andreas M. Kaplan and Michael Haenlein "Social media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of User Generated Content" (A. M. Kaplan, M. Haenlein 2010, p. 61).

According to Adrian Andrews Social Media Marketing (also known as Community Press Marketing (S. Sajid 2016, p. 2)) is "a term used to describe the process of boosting website traffic, or brand awareness, thought the use of social media networking sites" (A. Andrews 2014).

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that Social Media Marketing is significantly different from conventional promotion methods. According to Sajid Sl that is why Social Media Marketing has three important benefits:

  • First of all, it creates an opportunity for marketers to present items or solutions to customers. It also focuses on customers’ grievances and suggestions.
  • Secondly, it provides marketers with some tools to discern various professional categories or influencers among various categories. The influencers can help in the development of the item and promote this item on their social media channels.
  • Finally, there is almost no cost. It is widely known that most of social media websites are free so they do not generate additional costs (S. Sajid 2016, p. 2-3).

But Social Media Marketing offers also other advantages too. According to “2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report” there are such benefits as:

  • Generating exposure of the business
  • Creating better results in traffic (for example on companies websites)
  • Gaining new business partners
  • Obtaining better results in sales
  • Developing loyalty among fans
  • Expanding marketplace insight
  • Improving in thought leadership
  • Generating potential customers thanks to social platforms (M. A. Stelzner 2019, p. 7-10).

Moreover, investing in Social Media Marketing allows companies to get in touch with their customers. Recognizing their needs is a way to create better items for sale. According to S. Sajid "It’s the best way to learn from your clients about their needs and your own shortcomings". It must be remembered that Social Media Marketing is customized marketing and promotion tools and can not be targeted to all categories, unlike conventional marketing (S. Sajid 2016, p. 2-3).


Author: Joanna Pawlik