KISS rule

KISS rule
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The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule is a helpful rule in the process of defining goals in a project. This principle is applicable in many activities whose overarching goal is high efficiency - starting from business, through design and design, and ending with everyday life.

It is a global manifesto of maintaining the most simple solutions. In many cases, the complexity of the process may lead to decision-making paralysis, and the high level of complexity of all kinds of mechanisms causes a number of problems - both at the stage of creating, implementing and analyzing the project being created. Maintaining simplicity while maintaining usability and achieving the assumed goal is the simplest definition of the KISS principle. Applying the KISS principle in this case saves valuable time and resources in the first stage of solving the problem. Long-term approval of a simple and intuitive solution guarantees a simple model of goal realization and eliminates possible problems with its functioning in the future.

Alternative abbreviation[edit]

  • Keep It Super Simple
  • Keep It Simple, Sweetie
  • Keep It Small and Simple
  • Keep It Simple, Smart
  • Keep It Short and Simple
  • Keep It Short and Sweet