Knowledge tree

Knowledge tree
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Knowledge tree is a method that enables organization to more effecive document management. Document management is a set of techniques and tools that improve the efficiency of processing all forms of documents created in organizations. From internal documents regarding the cooperation of various functional areas of the organization, to documents flowing from the environment.

In the field of knowledge management, these techniques in a special way support the area of: gathering and organizing knowledge resources. IT solutions in the field of document management are already in the phase of maturity, they have been present on the market for a long time. Many organizations use them to obtain positive economic and organizational effects.

Particularly noteworthy in the field of document management is the increase in the popularity of OCR tools that process paper documents into a text form that can be easily indexed and saved in all kinds of computer databases.

The effects of applications[edit]

Immediate access to planning documentation. Possibility to analyze the course of the strategic planning process, in particular when the plans are prepared by different people in several stages.

Functions of IT document management systems[edit]

This type of software is designed to collect, share, search for various types of documents created in the company or coming from outside. It contains the ability to precisely search for documents according to various criteria. Documents can be saved in the document management system directly from the disk, scanned, or appear in the system via e-mail.

The DMS module provides a set of functions that allow you to perform many activities on documents:

  • registration,
  • organize,
  • classification,
  • version management,
  • management of circuits,
  • archiving.
  • personal notifications or for groups of users about changes,
  • monitoring of files and folders,
  • allows you to work on files of various formats: txt, doc and pdf,
  • typical operations (move, send, delete),

Each document has a metric that specifies general information about the document. The data in the meter can be defined by the system user. Documents can also be linked to each other creating sets regardless of the place where they were saved.

Each person works on the document at their level of competence and then passes it on to the next employees. Each processing step is strictly defined both for the person who is to perform the work and the time needed to perform it.

Features of DMS systems[edit]

  • Facilitates the collection and retrieval of various types of documents, speeds up the work,
  • Provides support for document flow between various departments and employees,
  • It orders and improves work within defined,
  • Provides support for electronic or scanned invoices,
  • It provides a uniform e-mail and fax service.

Sample document management applications[edit]

Mehat - this program is characterized by the fact that the data sent is immediately automated. Document management using this system allows you to access their current versions and earlier versions. It also allows you to record the way that information overcomes. Thanks to this, you can view the data route and control where the important documents are located. The program also takes care of the timelines of actions related to the given documents, e.g. sending a reminder about invoice payment, etc. Collected documents are stored in one central database that allows uncomplicated and quick access to information.

Open KM - it is a program that works on the web browser. This means that you do not have to install it on your computer. This solution also gives the opportunity to interact with employees located in the same building and with those who are outside the company's headquarters. In addition, it is available in many service languages ​​and gives the possibility of remote administration. This system allows for the updating of documents, all changes are accurately recorded taking into account the time, the user who made the change and the person who approved these changes. There is also the possibility of restricting access of unauthorized users to documents. The program thanks to indexing allows you to search the database according to specific criteria, for example: names, tags.

Xerox DocuShare - like the above described application works using the web interface. This system makes it possible to collect, manage, archive and send information. Documents uploaded there may have a different format from the basic ones in text form like e-mails, Word documents. etc. for more complex ones like photos, pictures, gifs, video.