New technologies in management

New technologies in management
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Emerging technologies are technologies that are going to change our way to do things. Emerging (New) technologies - in management - can be defined as a really new technology, which is developing fastly and changes considerably our way to work as a manager in a company.

In management, the most important emerging and new technologies we have are information and communication technologies: ICTs, which are all the technics and informatics equipment which allows us to communicate via electronic devises remotely.

Most important new technologies in management[edit]

Three really important technologies have changed management in companies, they are part of Digital Revolution:

  • phones: communication
  • computers: calculation and computation
  • internet: information and communication

Change in management[edit]

We are living in a new era that we can call Digital Revolution. When internet, computers and some other technologies have appeared, ways to manage a company, a team, have completely changed.


First of all, workers have been influenced: they are more independent, can work faster because their tasks have been simplified and with the access to information (internet) resolving problems has became easier and faster. But some negative effects have appeared such has the dependence to electronic devises during working hours, some managers can abuse of their workers be giving them more and more work to do, even at home and the border between private life and professional life has desappeared.


We can see a lot of structural changes in companies. In fact, with the apparition of information and communication systems inside companies, all the internal structure changes: new departments emerge like IT department. A new way to work has also appears: teleworking. It consist in working at home, that means some companies doesn't need infrastructures any more so they can same a lot of money.

Future important new technologies in management: Artificial intelligence[edit]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming an integral facet within many businesses. It serves various functions within a corporation and helps to streamline business processes, which will allow company to perform more effectively and reach organizational goals more efficiently.

Artificial intelligence is already being utilized within various company's customer support departments throughout the world, and nearly everyone has interacted with the software at one point or another. Artificial intelligence is also beneficial for marketing and advertising campaigns. AI software can be used to reach your targeted customer base by showing them ads that are relevant to their interests. Artificial intelligence is also helpful in generating purchase recommendations and future purchase predictions. This software is beneficial because it can help to increase a company's overall sales by creating a personalized shopping experience for customers.

Lastly, artificial intelligence is likely to impact the future of staffing operations. It will potentially be able to review potential candidates' qualifications and how they match up with minimum job requirements to determine the best candidate for the position.


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