Models of strategic personnel management

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Models of strategic personnel management
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Human resources management is a set of activities in area of Labour Affairs, to ensure that the conditions and arrangements are legally correct. Strategic human resources management model is a set of rules and activities needed to provide best employees when they are required. We can distinguish the following strategic human resources management models:

  • the Harvard model - applies to: employee involvement, employee motility, the remuneration system, organization of work. The main tasks of the Harvard model is coordination of activities in the aforementioned areas as well as integration with the general strategy of the organization.
  • Michigan model, which deals with the following functions: selection of staff, the assessment of the effects of work, rewarding, developing employees. All listed features of Michigan model are interconnected and form a process (cycle of human resources). In addition, these functions at the strategic, tactical and operational levels are just as important.
  • National model applies to: long-term planning of HR resources, recruiting among graduates with a specific organizational culture, active personnel development, integration, organization of groups, mobility within the organisation, a system of continuous improvement, social system development.
  • universal model includes: employees, integration of the objectives, mission and philosophy of the organization, development of specific organizational culture, employee participation, decentralization, individualization of working relations.