MBS Method

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MBS Method
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MBS - Myers Basisset Selectie or Basic Selection Tool Kit - the originator of this method was the Dutch scientist Poul van der Maesen, who in 1990 worked at MOA (the company within a holding MyersGroep which dealt with the consulting within organization). Using the method of Assessment Center MOA has carried out an extensive evaluation of employees and applicants, but it was associated with huge costs. Therefore, he developed MBS.

The basis of MBS are 35 dimensions, which both describe the job requirements and candidate from the psychological perspective. These dimensions were derived through analysis of a huge number of AC projects. Another component of MBS are the QUEST tests (personality), BRAIN (intellect) and ASK interview (other aspects). These tests are designed in different versions, namely for primary education, secondary and higher education. All this is supported by the IT platform. In Poland MBS began to be used in 1998. in the police. This system is regularly updated and has several versions. There was even a Polish version of this software – WinMBS.

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