Predictive Index System

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Predictive Index System
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Predictive Index - method introduced to management by Arnold S. Daniels in 1955. During World War II he was a navigator and his crew was one of the few which not suffered losses during the fighting. This situation has interested scientists, and they decided to study how they managed together to survive. They used Predictive Index method to separate the personality of the crew members. It is a test that shows the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and gives a clear picture of his personality and natural ability.

Arnold S. Daniels found this method very suitable for management and spread word about it. Currently, the results of this test allows to adjust persons to appropriate work position. This test consist of a list 172 of adjectives called "Organizational Survey". The filling takes about 5 minutes, and proved that it does not require high skills. This method also shows the motivation of tested people, and this information employer may use in the future.


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