Team selection techniques

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Team selection techniques
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The project team is a group of several people called to work together on a project. Typically, it consists of experts from different fields. Knowledge, skills and experience of each member of the team is the key to success. The project is also supported by the capital and technical base, as well as a full range of methods, but the decisive element is its human capital. Therefore, selecting the right people becomes the most important phase of Project Management.

Creating project team

Fig.1. Team members selection - essential skills (radar chart)

Creating a project team is the process of matching groups of people who have different knowledge, experience, interests and aptitudes to the creation of an effective working team. Team members can be matched within a single enterprise and selected from the outside. The main purpose of personnel selection to the team is assigning tasks and responsibilities of a person with natural abilities corresponding to this task. The person responsible for the formation of the project team is the project Manager. He decides from which employees project team should be composed. To this end, he uses various methods of recruitment that are very close or even the same as the general methods of recruitment and selection of staff. Such basic methods are:

  • Selection based on CV and motivational letter
  • Interview
  • Checking references

However, there are other methods that can more accurately determine the potential and optimal fit for a particular job or task in the project. They are:

These methods of personnel selection are just some examples of large variety of existing methods. They can be appropriately chosen in the development of the project team.


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