Municipal office

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Municipal office
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The aim of municipal office is meeting the vital needs of the residing community and inhabitants. It has a number of organizational units, based on subject matter and scope of the activities or functions to be fulfilled.

Municipal office deals with matters concerning:

  • spatial governance, the economy and the environment,
  • municipal roads, streets, bridges, squares and traffic organization,
  • water supply, sewerage disposal and treatment of urban waste water,
  • cleaning
  • supply of electricity and heat,
  • local public transport,
  • protection of health,
  • social assistance, including caring centers and establishments,
  • communal housing,
  • education, including primary schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions,
  • culture, including municipal libraries and other facilities for the dissemination of culture,
  • physical culture, including recreational and sports equipment,
  • markets and exhibition halls,
  • parks,
  • municipal cemeteries
  • law enforcement and fire protection
  • maintain communal facilities of general interest and administrative facilities,
  • ensure social, medical and legal care for pregnant women.