Process of business communication

Process of business communication on the lowest level of communication in management is intrapersonal communication, which is made in a mind of a person, before he or she forms the message, when choosing a suitable ways of encoding it. Then comes interpersonal communication between two or three people. Normally, it is a dialogue or a conversation. Group communication is made within one social group and institutional communication- within a social institution. The highest level is mass communication, which includes creating one social communicational net.

Basic elements of business communication process includes:

  • context of communication (information about environment of sender/receiver)
  • sender (source of data/information)
  • message (data of information with meaning for both sides)
  • receiver (end of data transfer)
  • medium of communication (noise)
  • feedback
Fig. 1. Communication channel

Features of the process of business communication

  • social process, including at least two people
  • creative process which includes inventing new terms and absorbing knowledge
  • dynamic process of receiving, understanding and interpreting information,
  • uses special symbols and signs that can be commonly understood
  • interactive process, based on relationships between at leas two parties
  • it is a complex process, that consists of a lot of elements and stages


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