Quality of management

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Quality of management
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Quality of management can be defined as the degree to which a set of inherent properties of the joint action concerning the management and company supervision, meets the needs and expectations (which have been established or their compliance is mandatory) of the company, its customers and other stakeholders.

The definition of quality of management consists of two parts:

  • descriptive - identifying quality of management inherent properties of managers' actions,
  • evaluative - perceiving the quality of management as the degree to which requirements are met.

Improving the quality of management

Quality of management in the enterprise include:

  • policy and planning quality of company management,
  • quality control management,
  • improving the quality of management.

The increase of the quality of management means achieving continuous improvement in the field of planning, control, ensuring the required quality by managers at all levels of the company.

Determinants of quality of management

Determinants of quality of management can be divided according to different criteria. One of possible division is:

  • External determinants, which are not controlled by the top management and lower-level managers of the company and are independent from them. These factors are generated by state, local and territorial authorities, suppliers, competitors and other stakeholders,
  • Internal determinants are controlled and dependent on the management and all managers employed in the enterprise.