Quality of tourist service

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Quality of tourist service
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Quality of tourist service includes the execution of orders, communicating with the client before, during and after the sales, billing and troubleshooting. The fulfilment of customer expectations, should be one of the main objectives of your service. Extremely important role in achieving quality objectives in the company's plays staff: front-office, back-office and management. Front-office staff is a kind of showcase of tourist enterprises in dealing with clients and so they must have comprehensive knowledge about service provider (prices, driving directions, tourist attractions, practical information on travelling abroad).

Poor quality of services gives rise to poor quality costs. For example, in the case of information services may be:

  • The costs of delay of the implementation (lack of response to repeated customer requests)
  • Costs of non-compliance (a service offered does not correspond to the customer, even though he tried to formulate it precisely).
  • Opportunity costs (costs associated with implementation delays, caused by the delay in responding to customer inquiries)
  • Costs of exceeded expectations (appearing as a result of untested or inadequately processed information, the decision shall be taken to improve the product without actual interest in this project from customers)

Evaluation of quality of tourist services can be done using service quality models, e.g. SERVQUAL, SERVPERF.

Quality indicators

Important determinants of tourist services quality include:

  1. Physical infrastructure services (convenience and aesthetics of the environment)
    • IT equipment, coaches, etc.
    • Localization
  2. Reliability of services
    • Reliability of the company
    • Reliability of the information
    • Accuracy of the information
    • Timeliness of the services offered
    • Repeatability of services characteristics (whenever their provision)
  3. Sensitivity of service providers, willingness to provide services
    • Speed of service
    • Time and adequate response to customer requests
    • Performance of fulfilling customers wishes
    • Discretion and ability to secrecy by the service provider
  4. Reliability of the service, safety
    • Professionalism of service providers
    • Competence of service providers
    • Responsibility
    • Client security
    • Trust to the provider
  5. Knowledge of customer needs
    • Ability to identify customer needs and expectations
    • The ability to easily establish contacts for service providers
    • Understanding of customer problems

Examples of factors that determine the quality level

Selected elements of quality in tourism by sector: Tourist Transport

  • Speed of the transport
  • Safety
  • The availability of communication
  • Direct transport



  • Purity
  • Hygiene
  • Availability

Tourist services

  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Credibility

Travel Agents

  • The availability of facilities
  • Credibility
  • Reliability

Featured parameters describe the basic features of the quality of individual groups of tourist services, we must add that the greater part of human work aimed at efficiency to provide tourist services, the quality measures are higher.


Author: Katarzyna Cynarska