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Storage documentation
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Storage documentation, used in a proper way to document magazine operations, allows for conducting effective records of past events related to the receipt and delivery of goods, and the size of their states. The records also provides information about the various types and stages of trading stock.

Basic organizational documents of the magazine

Basic organizational documents of the magazine are intended to ensure its proper organization in terms of policy and the process of storage and security. The basic organizational documents of the magazine are:

  • Instructions for storage - is a document defining the organization and warehouse management technology in the enterprise. It also defines the scope of the magazine as well as the basic principles and procedures for performing warehouse operations.
  • Terms and warehouse operation - Terms of magazine work includes procedures under applicable law.
  • Documentation describing rules for storage of personal data - records, which regulates the manner and form of retention of personal data of suppliers, customers and partners. It also indicates a form of protection and ways of recording information associated with them.
  • Operational documents for equipment - maintained in order to ensure proper operation of the equipment used in it..
  • Address documentation - this documentation is governed by the manner and location of the storage of materials and goods that are in stock.
  • Characteristics of dangerous substances

Proper warehouse documentation storage

The main criterion of division of warehouse documents is the direction of the flow of materials to the warehouse or from the warehouse. Therefore, stock turnover documents can be divided into revenue documents and expendable.

  • Take-In document used do admit goods into receiving area in magazine,
  • Internal receipt-a document used for collecting material from the part of the company.
  • Internal return internal - document the return of the material.
  • Inter-magazine transfer - This is the main document confirming the transfer of material between warehouses within the company.
  • Issue outside - document the outflow of material intended for sale or free transfer.
  • Internal release - Document confirming the delivery of materials to the needs of the internal departments and enterprises.

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