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Notice of arrival
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Notice of arrival is also called arrival notice (shortcut AN). It is a part of supply logistics subsystem (SCM). Sometimes this document is connected with notice of departure - notice of arrival/departure. It is an international shipping document between carrier to the intended receiver about planning shipment - e.g. of types of transport: road, water, air, land. This document is usually delivered electronically[1].

Electronic Notice of Arrival and Departure - eNOAD

What are the differences between NOAD and eNOAD? Mainly, eNOAD is external Web-based portal. It enables regulated ships to provide electronic applications of notice of arrival or notice of departure. After the terrorist attacks on the United States of America, on September 11, 2001, the U.S. Coast Guard protects the edge of the sea, to prevent terrorism of the sea. There is one way to protect the country - is by requiring arriving vessels to provide 24-hour notice of arrival. The Coast Guard get the informations about vessels and all certificates attached to the shipment. eNOAD helps the shipping community to submit ships arrival in automated way. It includes crew list data, to federal information. This document has been created in easy way with using the latest technology and programming. It provides port community to be safe, secured and also easily navigable. It has straightforward interfase[2].

Process of the eNOAD

Basically this process is simple. The reporting party (owner, agent, seller, master, etc.) notify document NOAD. The shipp will receive a recipt atesting that the National Vessel Movement Center received NOAD. Then, National Vessel Movement checked information for correctness of data. Afterwards, if everything is correct, no further acction is necessary, the reporting party will be notified at NVMC and then must be submit at NOAD[3].

The National Vessel Movement Center

The NCMC is responsible for collecting NOADs, 24/7. In that staffed provide services[4]:

  • help desk support,
  • customer support for NOAD,
  • containers arrival notification data which must be processed,
  • U.S. Coast field support.

SANS - Ship Arrival Notification System

The NOAD is a part of Ship Arrival Notification System. There are four modules of SANS[5]:

  • SANS is the central inventiry of NOAD data, is maintained by the USCG Operation Systems Center,
  • eNOAD is electronic equivalent of NOAD,
  • SANS-DHS is the web portal for DHS and another state users who need access to NOAD information,
  • iSANS is internal for USCG, moreover personel of National Vessel Movement Center is using this to input data and validate NOAD information.


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Author: Aleksandra Malczyk