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Strategic hrm
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Strategic HRM is a part of Human resource management (HRM), concept which discusses the basis, preparation and implementation of main organization resources needed for achieving its goals.

(SHRM) takes a long-term perspective and it is concerned with issues such as corporate culture or individual carrier development as well as the availability of people with the right skills. It incorporates redundancy and recruitment planning and is increasingly focused on the concept of the flexible workforce.

The range of activities and themes encompassed by SHRM is complex and goes beyond the responsibilities of personnel or HR managers into all aspects of managing people and focuses on management decisions and behaviour used, consciously or unconsciously, to control, influence and motivate those who work for the oganizations - the human resources.

Four perspectives

Mabey, Salaman and Storey (1998) look at the SHRM from four perspectives:

  1. The social end economic context of SHRM - including the internal (corporate) and external environments that influence the development and implementation of HR strategies.
  2. The relationship between SHRM and business performance, emphasizing the measurement of performance.
  3. Management style and the development of new forms of organization.
  4. The relationship between SHRM and the development of organizational capability including knowledge management.

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Author: Rafał Szkaradek