Management as science

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Management as science
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The focus of the science of organization and management is different than other forms of organized human activities. Its purpose is to initiate research and the integration of cognitive achievements, methodological, organizational and technical developments in the organization.

Functions of management science

Science of organization and management has following functions and research objectives:

  • diagnostic, if the aim of the research conducted in the framework of this discipline is the study of fragments of reality - in this case the organization (company, enterprise) - which is the subject of its interest,
  • explanatory - the research focuses on explaining the relationship between the characteristics of organized human activities and their changes, for demonstrating the correctness of the changes, their functional, structural and causal relationships,
  • prognostic, also called projection, where the attention of researchers is directed to detect dependencies and organizational trends that can be used to transform reality.

General methodology of managerial science

The general methodology of management involves various areas:

Science of management specific areas

Specific areas of management science are:

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Author: Krzysztof Wozniak