Organizational development

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Organizational development
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Organizational Development - is a long-term process of successive changes, both in the organization and its business environment.

Depending on the direction of change there are:

  • Positive development - Progress
  • Negative development - Regression
  • Lack of development - Stagnation

The concept of organizational development company refers to the process, that is, the successive and mutually dependent changes in states of affairs, passing and ordered in time, remaining relatively stable (up to a crisis situation). In this sense it refers to the potential of the company, and its role in the environment and its behaviour.

The organization focused on development needs to pay attention to the search for new solutions

and putting them into effect. It must secure access to information about existing solutions and how to make use of them. Source of ideas for development is all that generates specific concepts and projects which may cause exploration, inventing new things, their implementation and improvement.

The role of management in organizational development

The main task of management is:

  • Stimulate and perpetuate motivation to development throughout the organization,
  • Replacement of randomness in the development and implementation of changes in the organization,
  • Continuous search for development opportunities and the possibility of their profitable use
  • Stimulating the imagination of employees,
  • The creation of organizational structures aiding the development of the company.

Management should strive to ensure that the changes were reasonable, desirable and important for employees. They should be the result of stable and well thought-processes to improve management efficiency and to actively adapt to changing environment.

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Author: Krzysztof Wozniak