Strategic goals

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Strategic goals
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A goal is a future state of affairs which managers want to achieve. Goal expresses the meaning of existence of a particular individual or organization. Goals of an organization are usually established in a formal way. Goals are always the result of internal and external needs of the system and are the instantiation of these needs.

The objectives are usually prioritized on three levels: strategic, tactical and operational. Goal can be general or partial. The development of the general goal shows partial objectives (in a form of goals tree) Objectives should be specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and timed (i.e. SMART principle). In addition, they can not be exclusive between each other.

Features of the strategic goals

  • they relate to Program of global activity of the company and the problems defined by the organization's policy
  • they are specified in the flexible time horizon
  • they are presented in the form of goals tree (goals classifier)
  • they take into account the analysis of environment, competition and the internal situation of the organization
  • they are determined on the basis of the needs of the organization and the environment
  • they are determined according to the SMART principle
  • hierarchy exists between them, the goals may not conflict

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