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Team development
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Team Development is the process of increasing team efficiency through a series of practical actions that will help achieve this. The team consists of a group of people who work together to achieve the goal. According to Mike Woodcock , The success of the team would depend not only upon individual skills but on the way those individuals supported and worked with each other"[1]. During team development, the person in charge is very important who is responsible for improving the efficiency of his team. This is very important because the competitive market is constantly growing. People who are developing can meet the requirements of international competition. The team's ability to grow is of great importance for success[2].

Team Development Interventions

Teams are part of the organization's structure. Interventions related to team development are supposed to improve their performance. The two most common intervention approaches are team building and team training. This science has been studied since the 1920s. It includes, inter alia, the development of performance measurement systems. They monitor the effectiveness of the teams and then determine the feedback method. These methods provide teams with a diagnosis of areas that need improvement and where they have progressed. Organizations which are based on teams believe that interventions are very important for improving the effectiveness of team functioning. Because no team is perfect, learning how to design, evaluate and implement interventions has developed rapidly[3].

Self-managing teams

Self-managing teams. these types of teams are seen as a solution to organizational problems. They are introduced to increase the efficiency of the organization and the quality of professional life of employees of such teams. The four principles of self-organization are[4]:

  • requisite variety
  • redundancy of functions
  • minimal critical specification, and this paper is on
  • double loop learning

These principles are useful for designing an effective team strengthening plan[5]

The role of team leader

Team leaders have always existed. However, their leadership styles are different. The manager is a very important figure in the team's development process. The team leader must have great expertise in a topic important to his team. People should trust him and follow him. Team development will be as effective as the team leader's activities will be effective. The leader should also have process skills[6].



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Author: Agnieszka Kurbiel