Type c personality

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Type c personality
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Type c personality- is one of 4 types of people personalities. The type c personality was described by Temoshok [1], as a vigilant and repressive personality patterns. The other way to name "type c personality" is "anger in" personality.

People with the type c personality are known as emotionally repressed. Mostly because it is very difficult for them to share their needs and emotions with others, even with their family members or friends.

A few facts about the type c personality

Below are described facts about c-personality people:

  • focusing on one thing - they prefer to completely focus on doing one thing than multitasking
  • introverted - they really value meaningful, deep relationships. Because of that it is typical for them to have few close friends than having a huge group of people around them.
  • prefer to work alone - they are clearly not ‘’working in group’’ fans. It is much more comfortable for them to work alone. They need to concentrate on their task without paying attention to other people.
  • want to have clearly described direction - they want to know exactly what is wanted from them. They do not like to work with not identified task or not specified time for doing the work.
  • like to be good organized - they feel much better if they are able to plan everything. They want to have everything organized in logic and accuracy way.
  • being a perfectionist - they usually care about every little detail. They always make sure that the work they have done is consistent with the requirements and does not have any errors.

Connection between cancer and type c personality

It is known that there is connection between cancer and type c personality. In the research done by Sakineh Alami Nisi, Dr. Behnam Makvandi and Dr. Alireza Heidari [2] it is written that people with type c personality are more prone to cancer than people with other personality type. It happens because people with type c personality are more likely to have characteristics such as sensitivity and perspicacity, emotional inactivity, denial defence mechanism and unwillingness to express emotions. The people who hold back their feelings instead of expressing them are more willing to high adrenocortical level i.e. stress hormones. Such hormones have prohibitory effect on the defense of immunization of the body.

Characteristics of type c personality connected with stress level

The main characteristics are [3]:

  • Strong defense mechanisms leading to inability to verbalises and recognize the negative emotions of the subject;
  • Repeated negative reactions such as feelings of uselessness and hopelessness;
  • Inability to self–control in stress situations



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Author: Klaudia Trączyk