Types of planning

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Types of planning
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Types of planning according to the time the plan refers to

  • strategic (above 5 years) - a plan of the future, thanks to which it is easier to set paths of conduct and future decisions regarding resources and priorities,
  • long-term (from 2 to 5 years) - specific projects aimed at achieving strategic goals,
  • medium-term (from several months to a year) - actions defining what should be done to implement a long-term plan,
  • short-term (up to three months) - short tasks to be carried out within projects and plans with a wider scope of time,
  • current - daily or weekly (hours and dates of meetings, issues to be dealt with).


Types of plans due to their relevance to the organization

  • strategic planning (long-term), defining the main goals and directions of the company's operations in the long-term.
  • tactical planning - allows to define general tasks for the entire company, set goals and directions of action set in the strategic plan, update them and adapt to the conditions.As a rule, tactical plans include projects of changes and product improvements, as well as enterprises or plans for changing production technology and production organization.
  • operational planning - results from the tactical plan and covers shorter periods, e.g. month or quarter.It indicates specific tasks to be carried out. They are entrusted to specific persons responsible for their execution together with responsibility for the implementation and entrusted resources.

Types of planning due to the subject of planning


Special types of plans

  • risk response plan
  • a plan of action in a crisis situation.
  • spatial policy of the country, city,
  • local zoning plan,
  • study of conditions and directions of spatial development.
  • business plan
  • projects
  • formal and informal planning,
  • road map,
  • scenarios of situation development (pessimistic, optimistic, most probable)
  • planning a scientific experiment
  • architectural design
  • marketing research plan
  • career planning
  • intuitive planning, simulation planning
  • incremental planning, agile planning
  • list of tasks to be carried out
  • architectural plan
  • process plan (process map)
  • crisis planning
  • policy guidelines


Author: Krzysztof Wozniak