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Single use plan
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Single use plan is developed to address a specific organizational situation. Such plan is typically used only once because the specific situation to which they apply does not recur. Consider, for example, the plan of SAP Americas, a leading provider of enterprise resource planing and e-commerce solutions, to build a new corporate headquarters. A sophisticated plan was necessary to finance, construct, and move into the new building. This was a single-use plan because SAP would not need to build such a building or relocate its employees again for a very long time.

This most common types of single-use plans are programs, projects, and budgets. Each offers a different degree of comprehensivenesss and detail. Programs are the most comprehensive plans, projects have a narrower scope and, in fact, are often undertaken as a part of a program and budgets are developed to support programs or projects.

The duration or length of single use plan depend upon the activity or goal for which it is made. It may last one day or it may last for weeks or months if the project for which it is made is long. These are designed to achieve a particular goal that once achieved will not reoccur in future[1].

Features of single use plans

There are so many features of single use plans we can only present a few and they are very common[2]:

  • Single use plans are used only once
  • Prepared to meet the demand of specific situation
  • These are discarded when the situation is over
  • Every time a new plan is prepared for new situation, e.g. programme, projects

Major types of single use plans

For the most common types of single use plans belongs[3]:

  1. Program
  2. Project

The first type of single use plans:

  • Plans for attaining a one time organizational goal
  • Major undertaking that may take several years to complete
  • Large in scope, may be associated with several projects

Examples: building a new headquarters, converting all paper files to digital, construction of shopping mall, opening of new department

The second type of single use plans:

  • Set of plans for attaining a one time goal
  • It contains a scheme to invest the resource
  • It irequires services of specialist
  • It needs certain preliminary investigations.
  • Smaller in scope and complexity than a program, shorter in horizon

Examples: renovating the office, setting up a company intranet, setting up a new benefits option to an existing salary package

Example of single use plan

A single use plan is developed to carry out a course of action that is not likely to be repeated in the future. As Disney plans the expansion of its theme park in Hong Kong, it will develop many single use plans for invidual rides, attractions, and hotels. Similarly, Disney is also expanding its Animal Kingdom theme park in Florida and has multiple single use plans for those new rides, shows, and attractions as well[4].


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Author: Natalia Talarek