Analysis of the content of the work

Analysis of the content of the work
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Analysis of the contents of the work concerns the skills and qualifications necessary to perform the tasks on the job. On the basis of this analysis managers determine standards of training in terms of knowledge, skills and personal attributes required to perform particular job.

At the individual level analysis includes identification of current and future needs of a particular employee. There are two stages of analysis. First step is to assess the level of performance of work done by an employee, and the second stage is based on the assessment obtained in the first stage. During the second stage, manager decides which components of qualifications (knowledge, skills, attitudes) the employee must improve and develop in the future to get a higher level of job performance. Personal analysis can determine the extent of performance problems caused by a lack of qualifications

Employee development monitoring[edit]

Comprehensive monitoring of results of development is focused on four main areas of control, which include:

  • Analysis of potential job profiles.
  • Analysis of the course and effects of the development process.
  • Analysis of the effects of the transfer of potential.

Analysis of potential job profiles is a method to control the potential effects of the development work. It can be used to assess the effects of training, labor movements and structuring of work, as the main instruments of development of work potential.

Managers compare planned and implemented projects in the field of vocational training, labour movements and structuring work processes and examine their implementation process. In essence, this involves the analysis of deviations between planned and achieved values, and then taking corrective action. The results of this analysis provide the basis for assessing the adequacy of the decisions regarding the methods used to minimize the gap between goals and results.

Managers control effects of job training content and methods of training, teachers conducting classes, the organization of the educational process and the planned and achieved result of training.


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