Importance of social media

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Importance of social media
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SMM (social media marketing) is a process of gaining attention to a product or service through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others.

The point is that SM is not about money or institutions. It is not about stockholders making billions of dollars. [...] Social media is about ordinary people taking control of the world around them and finding creative new ways to bring their collective voices together to get what they want.[1] Social Media Marketing is primarily internet-based but has similarities with non- internet-based, marketing methods like world-of-mouth marketing. SMM is the way of promoting a website, brand or business by interacting with or attracting the interest of current or prospective customers through the channels of social media.

Opportunities provided by social websites

Social websites provide companies an opportunity to engage, to interact potential and current clients. In addition, more and more corporates allow their customers to take part in co-creating products through social networking sites.[2]

Also, analyzing collected data about clients, SMM managers can identify and target different types of customers and take initiatives to recognize and highlight customers’ interests. Facebook users normally spend 25% of their time on this social platform, consuming information, while scrolling the newsfeed, which is an opportunity for brands to promote their content.[3]


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Author: Polina Yemelianova, Sara Lesniak, Manav Malhotra, Raghav Mittal