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Heuristics is set of methods improving the ability to make discoveries. The methods of this family stimulate creative thinking. In contrast to analytical methods bases on strict reasoning, in contrast heuristic methods prefer intuition, imagination and fantasies as the main sources of invention. The main heuristic methods include: brainstorming, Delphi method, Gordon synectics, morphological method

Trends in research of heuristics

  • I - classical - the study of processes of creative thinking (psychology)
  • II - development, codification and strategy of creative problem solving methods.
  • III - implementation of the "products" of creative thinking, putting innovations into practice (economics)

Heuristics in modern organization

In the modern organization, there are more and more qualitative problems requiring creative methods to solve. Creative problems - managers have to deal with them if and only if the previous knowledge and experience could not be used, and the status quo does not meet expectations.

  • problem as a difficult situation,
  • problem as a new situation,
  • problem as precarious situation.

In their resolution is critical synthesis, intuition and the subconscious. Creative problem-solving methods, based on intuitive thinking, often referred to as heuristic methods

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