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Trade directory
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A trade directory (also called a business directory) is an alphabetical list of businesses organised by sector or industry. It can be available in a hardcopy printed book or in an online website. It is designed to meet the needs of all those people looking for reliable information about local businesses[1]. The data usually provided in the directory covers details like business name and address, contact details, type of product and/or service that business provides[2]. The early directories were published in a form of paper books. With internet developments, the directories evolved into a digital database form. They are now constantly updated with more information and new features are added i.e. price comparison[3].

Benefits associated with listing a company in a digital directory

There are multiple benefits associated with listing a company in a digital directory:

  • Improved online visibility

This is the most crucial part for every business marketing. Being exposed to greater number of customers increases the likehood of sales. With businesses listed through search engine placement, it increases chances of reaching potential clients[4].

  • Traffic generator

Increased traffic follows the improved visibility. The more exposure a website has, the more people are likely to visit it. Business directories offer exposure to search engine crawlers i.e. YouTube. This increases the chances that a website will appear on search engines results pages (SERP) and allow more viewers to enter the website[5].

  • Business website SEO

Customers that can see company's website link in a directory are able to click on it and are redirected to that company website. Being linked to a major directory will give a website more relevancy in engine searches[6].

  • Advertising

Business directories are inexpensive to join and can offer service for money. Some directors allow to list a company for free, while other online directories will charge a minimal fee[7].

Listing a company in a directory helps with creating a more comprehensive online presence. Once the website is located by potential customers, they are more likely to remember business’ name and can interact with it directly[8].


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Author: Edyta Chrustek-Krawczyk