Logistic center

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Logistic center
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One of the conditions for the efficient movement of products in the EU logistic system is the creation of nodal points modal logistics network, called "logistics centers". The transient form of the creation of centers of logistics services were integrated warehouses, also called storage areas.

Economic development is closely linked with the development of logistics, which must meet customer expectations and profit. The main inspiration for the construction of logistics centers are:

  • the growing importance of customer service
  • compression of time
  • reducing the cost
  • globalization
  • organizational integration

Logistics Center is spatially functional building with the infrastructure and organization, in which logistics services are carried out related to the reception, storage, distribution and release of goods and associated services, provided by the independent (in relation to the sender or the recipient) operators.

Logistics centers help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics processes and customer satisfaction. They can concentrate investments in logistics infrastructure and investments related to production and distribution. Investments in logistics centers cause an increase in demand for workers, increase the demand on the construction market.