Multimodal transport system

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Multimodal transport system
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Internally integrated transport system, providing for the carriage of goods including associated services at using at least two different modes of transport under a single contract of carriage. The transport agreement concluded by the multimodal transport operator, assume full responsibility for the implementation of the delivery of the goods.

Objectives of multi-modal transportation system

  • Minimization of transport costs
  • Minimize the transport time
  • Optimization of transportation of goods from producer to consumer.

Implementation of the objectives of the multi-modal transport system requires the use of both standardized loading units, and traffic and transport measures for harmonized transport nodes Standardization is also needed in the field of providing transport hubs and, especially, equipment, and cargo.

The transport process solutions

Multi-modal transport systems vary greatly in scope and structure of the services offered. Usually there are two system solutions. In the first cycle containing only transport operator takes over its responsibilities from taking the container to the unload stage. In the second approach the transport cycle is fused with the cycle of rotation of the container. The operator apart from the tasks that make up the transport, provide additional services such as filling, emptying and transferring container.