Non financial motivation

Non financial motivation
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Motivation can be defined as the reasons, interests that stimulate people and which encourage them to do something properly. Employee motivation is one of the most important aspect at the workplace. Motivating the employees needs to be done everyday.

There are a lot of factors that can motivate the employees, to make them work properly. [1] Few being as follows:

  • Prioritize Work-Life Balance
  • Have an Open-Door Policy
  • Recognizing individual differences . [2]
  • Be An Example
  • Offer Employees ample of opportunities for advancement
  • Let Them Know You Trust Them
  • Be transparent and unbiased
  • Reward Based on Feedback
  • Motivate every single employee [3]

Why is that important ?[edit]

Employees can get stressed and feel like the job isn’t what they expected.[4] Some of them even quit their job due to some ongoing dissatisfaction in the workplace, even if they like it, provided the working conditions aren’t appropriate. According to Herzberg, there are some hygiene factors used to determine the level of satisfaction in a company between the employees: development, stimulation, variety, recognition and responsibility are few of them.

Creating an international team can be a precious asset as well, an international workforce [5] can be complementary. But it is a risky process because international workforce can be harder to handle, as for the employees as for the managers.

Employee’s performance is a varying factor. Indeed, it includes three major dimensions :

  • Job productivity
  • Job quality
  • Job accomplishment

The goal of an employer is mainly to have the work asked being done, the fastest and the better way.


To conclude a positive workplace is the basic element that will get your company to the top. We understand that it may be time consuming and difficult to encourage employee motivation at the workplace. However, in order to achieve a high level of employee productivity, management needs to encourage a positive workplace environment. The work environment conditions need to fit every single employee. [6] It it essential to ensure that the employees feel that their work and efforts is an important contribution to the company’s success. Managers need to remember to always keep an ‘open-door’ policy and have an approachable management team.


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Author: Ronan Pautrot, Eva Maekawa, Shasta Bindal, Mohit Jain