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Budget manual
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Budget manual helps employees to create documents required for company budget. Budget manual describes procedures on how to collect data, analyze it, which forms to use, what dates as important, who should accept propositions, etc. Without the budget manual it would be very difficult to create budget documents in large company.

Creation of the budget requires a lot of assumptions about future incomes, costs, opportunities and threats. Every budget, even the best one, is only an approximation. Therefore, it is important to use the same methods of estimation or risk assessment every time. That reduces errors from incompatible assessment methods. If the same methodology is used for several years, the top management knows what are the typical deviations between the budget and real world. That knowledge can be applied to future budgets to make them more accurate.

Contents of Budget Manual

Budget Manual is a document with the following functions:

  • Budget control system - short explanations, principles and benefits
  • Line of power and responsibility - definition
  • Organizational schemes
  • Obligations of the budget department, officials preparing the budget
  • Schedule of budget preparation
  • Reports with results
  • How to prepare, write and approve the budget
  • Procedures according to which to proceed when approving the budget
  • What the budget control procedures look like
  • Description of all budgets in the company (Prasad, M., 2000, s. 30)

Benefits of preparing a budget manual

The dvantages budget manual are as follow:

  • Maximize profits thanks to a good organization
  • As part of the control system, each employee knows what his or her duties are
  • Available resources are used in an optimal way
  • The established procedures help new employees to enter the workplace
  • Budgetary control based on standardized methods and procedures
  • Lack of ambiguity (Prasad, M., 2000, s. 31)

Why do we need a budget manual?

Budgets in the company are prepared in advance. They are created in accordance with the guidelines given in the budget manual. Each executive budget has a specific responsibility and functions on the basis of which make up the components of the whole budget. This allows to avoid duplication or overlapping of responsibilities. Budget manuals are prepared for many different departments. The head of each department receives his copy and prepares the budget on the basis of this (Mukherjee P., 2010, s.4-7).

The goals of budget preparation

  • Planning - it guarantees the fulfillment of all the provisions and the way it went for the next year,
  • Coordination - single parts of the prepared budget give a full picture. Each organization cell is responsible for its own part of the budget,
  • Communication - each person needs to know the full picture of the company and communicate with the devout budget preparers. This will allow you to refine the whole,
  • Motivation - clear plan further options for action. You can plan many things and projects knowing your budget,
  • Control - all tasks are completed according to the plan, budget (Adjei, E., 2015, s.21-23).


Author: Beata Kocyłowska