Types of advertising

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Types of advertising
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Advertising is a sponsored marketing communication which is intended to promote or sell a product, service or idea. Advertisings can be transmitted by various mass media and communication channels and can be divided into two, namely:

  • Traditional media
  • New Media

Traditional media consists of, as the name suggests, traditional channels of communication for advertising such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, door-to-door selling, etc. Companies have used these methods for many years to reach consumers and motivate them to make purchases. However, as the needs and expectations of consumers evolved, advertising started evolving as well. This, added with the increasing trend of shifting of consumers towards internet for fulfilling their purposes which were earlier fulfilled by traditional media, are what led to the rise in the use of new media for advertising purposes.

New Media mostly relates to the use of internet for advertisement such as search engine optimization, blogs, social media, websites, etc. Many of these methods have been around for several years but have only gained prominence recently owing to the effectiveness of these methods over traditional advertising as well as due to increased digital literacy added with access to and use of internet. Different types of advertising are designed for different clients/customers and the companies can use either of the advertising methods or both in various proportions depending on the crowds’ response to their advertising methods and advertisement content, the advertising preferences of the target customers, the products that they are selling, and other factors that are the key for influencing the customers through advertisements


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Author: Oliwia Cyrulik, Kacper Szostak, Ashika T, Kashif Hussain