Advertising media

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Advertising media
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Advertising is a form of presentation of concepts, goods, items or services by the use of advertising media. It is often the most important element of a company's overall marketing communications program.

There are many types of advertising media. There are the most common examples of them:

  • online advertising,
  • print advertising,
  • out-of-home advertising (OOH).

Online advertising

Online advertising is also known as Internet advertising or web advertising. It is defined as different forms of advertising that are delivered by the Internet. There are several forms of online advertising for example[1] :

  • banner advertising,
  • video advertising,
  • search engine advertising,
  • social network advertising.

"Internet advertising offers the user similar information-processing opportunities to print advertising. However, compared to print advertising, internet advertising provides additional flexibility to the receiver in terms of selecting presentation form, such as increased opportunities to focus on particularly interesting parts and the possibility of combining elements from other media, such as video and audio [2]".

Print advertising

There is a type of media advertising that is used in:

  • magazines,
  • newspapers,
  • brochures
  • leaflets,
  • direct mail advertising,
  • handouts.

According to Angelique van Niekerk and Gini Keyser: "Print advertisements use a considerable number of linguistic and language-related mechanisms in order to create the illusion of intimate interpersonal communication within the advertisement. In so doing, the message conveyed seems more credible. This entails that the copy-writer should be fully aware of the precise nature of the spoken language in order for the text markers of the spoken language to be included in print advertisements[3]".

Out-of-home advertising

This type of media advertising is dedicated to consumers that are out of the home. There are four major media platforms [4]:

  • outdoor advertising
  • transit media advertising
  • street furniture and retail-furniture advertising
  • digital and ambient out-of-home advertising.

In the opinion of V. Waldt and A. T. Roux: "Out-of-home (OOH) advertising media traditionally have not accounted for a large share of advertising budgets, but overall expenditure has grown considerably in recent years. Due to the transformation of the OOH advertising media landscape, and the diversity and ubiquitous nature of these media, there seem to be a discrepancy between the views of academic and industry experts on exactly what constitutes contemporary OOH advertising media [5]".


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Author: Anna Szpakowska