Digital media marketing

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Digital media marketing
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Digital media marketing this is the marketing of specific products or services that are promoted using digital technologies, mainly via the Internet. However, it very often happens that it is used with mobile phones or other digital media. It is worth noting that nowadays this system is able to significantly increase the value of the product and directly deliver it to the consumer [1] .

The most popular tools used in the process of using this method are:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content automation
  • Campaign Marketing
  • Data-driven marketing
  • e-commerce marketing
  • Social media marketing

Digital media

Examples of digital media include[2] :

  • software
  • digital images
  • digital video
  • video games
  • web pages and websides
  • socail media
  • digital data and data bases
  • digital audio
  • electronic books

Digital media advantages

The advantages of digital marketing include in particular [3]:

  • Cost-effectiveness: digital marketing is much less expensive and can generate more traffic than traditional mass media, e. g. TV advertising
  • Allows users of digital media to interact with each other and initiates interactions with them
  • Internet marketing is sustainable. It stays in the network resources forever
  • It is easily measurable, thanks to access to many data tracking traffic or engagement on specific content
  • It is more personalised as it operates on the data of users who may be potentially interested in the content presented

Social media marketing

It is one of the subgroups of digital media marketing that allows society to communicate, search for information, learn and access extraordinary things. This tool is particularly popular with young people who are most familiar with new technologies. The use of blogs and social networks makes them able to contact people from other continents. Through social media they are able to obtain valuable information about other people, the world or events in the whole world. Nevertheless, and most importantly, social media have created the need to promote entrepreneurs online [4].

In addition, people began to sell their products online on an unprecedented scale. Portals such as Amazon and Aliexpress have become part of their habits. With the help of digital marketing, we can see the growth of countries that were relatively underdeveloped in the past.

Traditional marketing vs Digital Inbound Marketing

As it is pointed out in literature (Opreana A. 2015) [5]:

„Measurement is what makes marketing a science, rather than a simple tool. To measure the effectiveness of a campaign of digital inbound marketing (DIM), an organization needs to monitor different types of web analytics. For a successful online marketing campaign, it is necessary to study which tactics work and which need adjustments in order to create relevant content that is syndicated on various outlets, including the organization’s website. The main objective is to yield results of attracting more leads or converting leads into customers.”


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Author: Anna Szpakowska