Types of control system

Several types of control system in management can be distinguished:

  • preliminary controls - performed before taking action, involving necessary human, material and financial resources. Checking if they are at designated place and time, in planned quantity and quality.
  • control in action - detect deviations from established standards, allows to make corrections before the end of a particular sequence of actions. Important feature of control is short time from onset of deviations to obtaining information by the manager
  • decision control - involves the acceptance or rejection of certain courses of action. It involves verifying that certain conditions are met before continuing with action. Frequently it is additional control function performed by another manager, usually at a higher level of management
  • final Inspection - Involves measuring results of the completed action. Managers determine causes of deviations from the plan or standards, and the results are used as goals for similar activities in the future. It is an instrument used for rewarding employees.
  • strategic control
  • internal control / external control
  • independent audit
  • strategic evaluation and control
  • management control system

Other types of control system

  • industrial control
  • feedback control system
  • automatic control (IT based)
  • logic control
  • linear control
  • regulation
  • numerical control
  • advanced process control


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