Adaptation of workers

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Adaptation of workers
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Adaptation of new worker to the workplace is one of the tasks of the recruitment process. It should follow the selection stage. With psycho-social perspective, it involves adapting to new conditions or environment.

Thus adaptation of the employee can be called the introduction of newly recruited staff to the company, i.e. getting to know the organization, people who work in it and the tasks performed. The aim of the adaptation for newly recruited employee, is conflict-free inclusion in the organization and its social life, which in turn leads to the achievement of the desired performance standards.

New employees, often having a lot of knowledge and experience, are not able to work as effectively as their "older colleagues". This is due to different organizational cultures, systems for evaluation, organization goals, social norms and team rules. Often the obstacle can be also the stress associated with change.

The sooner company will proceed with adaptation of the employee, the sooner he reaches the required performance level, which is a benefit for the employee (satisfaction) and for the company (strong motivation to work and high efficiency of the staff, positive customer opinion).

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