Displacement of employees

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Displacement of employees
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Displacement of employees are related to the promotion, internal transfers or degradation. They consist of planned changes in worker position. Are the result of individual development of the employee, or the next step on a career path. Purpose of position changes can be: the acquisition of new competencies, skills, increasing the level of motivation to work. Displacements are also the result of filling vacancies.

It may be:

  • vertical – promotion, degradation,
  • horizontal – between units of the same level, promotion on the same organizational level,
  • external - release, resignation, transfer to a separate organization (outsourcing)

Vertical displacements may be related to promotion from the ordinary position to a management, from middle management to senior management or to the advisory position. While degradation is the change in conditions of employment on less favorable due to the employee's fault (incorrect posture) or organization change (restructuring).

Horizontal displacements may be difficult to implement, due to the possible impact on motivation. After position change the employee must be provided with a similar or higher level of difficulty of the work, the level of responsibility and the level of importance within the organization. Displacements are also often connected with the necessity of retraining employees that may not match their professional interests. Therefore, vertical promotion should be associated with an increase in salary. Horizontal displacements are also called: employee transfers. They can serve as a:

  • training – transfer could be used to training employee by periodic change of positions, jobs
  • motivational tool – change of position has to unleash a new enthusiasm for work,
  • social tool – the elimination of conflict in the organizational units,
  • matching tool – transfer to positions corresponding to their qualifications,
  • preventing redundancy - for example in the case of the seasonality of work in some units.