Outdoor advertising

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Outdoor advertising
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Outdoor advertising is one of the media through which the seller (in this case the advertiser) can provide the consumer with information about the products which he has to offer. It is based on some subject, characteristic features of the product and definite substitution of the product to be sold. Billboard is the most popular form of outdoor advertising. However, there are also other forms of outdoor advertising, which can be various types of signs, moving displays and more unusual ones: skywriting, towed banners, etc. In fact, we can say that everything that is supposed to convince us to buy a product and is located behind the door of our house is a form of outdoor advertising. A common feature of all forms of outdoor advertising is to draw the attention of passers-by. Then they need to exert a strong and concise sales message in just a few seconds (R. Nelson, A. Sykes, s.57-59). Outdoor advertising is able to offer a domestic, local advertiser a flexible, convenient and, most importantly, effective method of selling their products or services. Therefore, it is a fundamental part of the annual sales plans for thousands of large and small advertisers (Various, preface).

Combination of outdoor advertising with other media

The first and very important task of outdoor advertising in conjunction with other media is to strengthen memory and improve the processing of messages that has already begun, for example, by browsing the press. That is why a poster that can be seen, for example, by a person going to a store, has such a high value. After external advertising and other forms of advertising, the last chance to create a demand for a given product or brand is obviously in the store (R. Nelson, A. Sykes, s.59).

Outdoor advertising as a tool for market coverage

Outdoor advertising in all its available forms offers great flexibility, so it can be used to cover parts or even the entire market in which the distribution of a given product occurs. It is a desirable tool not only for the local sales representative, but even for the domestic advertiser. In outdoor advertising, the coordination between advertising and product distribution is crucial when planning. It is also a practically unavoidable consequence of the special nature of outdoor advertising. Due to the fact that the manufacturer's advertisement is clearly dependent on placing the goods at the dealer, the advertisement will be not only where the market is, but also distribution (Various, chapter II).

Outdoor advertising category

The outdoor advertising category includes the following forms:

  • billboards
  • phone hooths
  • newsstands
  • taxis
  • transits

Over the past decade, outdoor advertising has also benefited from the fragmentation of television programs or, to a large extent, the opportunity to reach mass audiences (B.Schaller, s.39).


Author: Anna Jędrzejczyk