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Information management
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Information management is the area of ​​the business that aims to provide information to users according to their needs. In addition to identification it may also include diagnostic and decision-making functions. It has its own organizational structure.

Specific information management function include:

Information management perspectives

Information management can be seen in both vertical and horizontal perspective. The first one consists of four main planes of the structure of a management information system:

  • The information needs of users - data necessary in connection with a specific user goal and because of the expected or the circumstances of the action and the forms of transmission of information,
  • Information functions - viewed as a tasks necessary to provide information,
  • Information resources - data structures, information put in form and content structure,
  • Information system - consists of workplaces or organizational units performing internal or external information specific functions (e.g., acquisition, gathering, processing, transmission of data and information).

Information management includes processes associated with the formulation and implementation of the strategic functions of information and acting on the one hand traced a means of implementing the mission, on the other instrument ongoing rationalization of information processes.


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