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Knowledge map
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Knowledge map is a tool designed for presenting knowledge in more intelligible and easy to memorize way. When learning from standard, typical material consisted only from text is natural to follow the order imposed by author. Students when taking a book have various levels of actual knowledge. For the beginners is good to study it from cover to cover, but advanced persons have to search topics interesting for them. They have in fact table of contents and index, but it allows only to find desired concepts without relational information connecting them. Knowledge map doesn't have such disadvantages. It is a visual representation composed of graphical elements: arrows, lines and other figures filled with text. The map presents nodes, which are connected to each other using relationships. It is proved, that knowledge map makes simpler recalling of knowledge and helps learn more effectively (Lee J., Segev A., 2011, p. 1-2).

Types of knowledge maps

With usage of knowledge maps it was noticed, that different situations and various knowledge demand diversified solutions. Finally, basic three types of them were distinguished (Ermuiza A., 2016, p. 2-6):

  • mind mapping - is useful to show concepts and ideas with emphasis to relation to the central key word. Mind map can be also found under the name spidergram. It have a tree structure and is an excellent brainstorming and decision-making tool. As drawback we can recognize limitation only to simple associations.
  • concept mapping - is often compared with mind mapping. The fundamental difference is that concept map includes multiple connections between various nodes, so - depicting - it does not have structure of a tree.
  • argument mapping - last but not least map has strongly dissimilar assumptions. It was developed to present conclusions between propositions. Arguments are connected with results, what using graphic capabilities of knowledge map allows to have clear view of a whole problem and possible solutions.

Beneficial usage of knowledge maps

Online learning becomes more and more popular. Recently developed conception called open learning lets sharing knowledge through the Internet without any charges. Cloud computing allows to gather data with easy access from all over the world. Self-study nature of this undertaking demands new ways of data presentation. Software helpful to generate knowledge maps already exists, so implementation of them is one of decisions taken. Researchers by means of survey proved, that knowledge maps are useful for students and their presence in online materials is strongly recommended (Fasihuddin H., Skinner G., 2015, p. 20, 24).


Author: Maciej Blak