Logistics information system

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Logistics information system
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Enterprise logistics information system provides data necessary to effective functioning of logistics service providers cooperating with the enterprise. They significantly affect the implementation of the overall logistics strategy.

The collected raw data resources should be available to assist the business in other areas. Logistics information system makes it easier to manage the company, both at the strategic level, as well as tactical and operative levels, because:

  • at the strategic level IT affects more precise determination of the purposes for and the monitoring of their implementation
  • on the tactical level IT provides the knowledge necessary to make decisions in the field of marketing and sales, finance
  • at the operational level provides messages about the current activities of logistics units

Information flows realized in the field of logistics are divided in two sections:

  • internal – concerning the integration of separate areas of the company to ensure the integration of material flow, from procurement through production to sales,
  • external - involving the relationship between suppliers, customers and freight carriers, forwarders or providers of comprehensive logistics services.

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