Advantages of online advertising

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Advantages of online advertising
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The basis of the company's existence on the market is these days online advertising. Online advertising, also called e-marketing, web marketing, or Internet marketing, concerns the use of the Internet and digital media to encourage people to buy products or services of a particular company through advertising. Thanks to online advertising, companies can reach a large number of potential customers thus, the importance of online advertising is still increasing[1].

Advantages of online advertising

There are many benefits which the company can get through using online advertising[2]:

  1. Brand recognizability – no one wants unknown products. It is very important to introduce the product not only to the small community but to promote it all over the world.
  2. Higher probability of selling the product – online advertising is targeting the potential audience thus, it is more probable to sell offered products.
  3. CTR (click-through-rate) – because of this rate, it is possible to follow how many people have visited the advertised website.
  4. Creating a brand image – through online advertising companies are creating our imagination of the product. Showing creative and good designed ads can change the perception of the brand.
  5. Easy improvement of ads – in case the online advertisement is not attractive or creative enough, it is possible to change it at any time.
  6. The constant change of advertising possibilities – online advertising is very innovative. Ways of advertising are changing from day to day to target and find potential customers.
  7. Lower cost compared to offline media – online advertising does not need any physical involvement in creating and publishing the ad in comparison to offline media. Internet marketing is only using computer platforms wherefore it is working automatically after paying for the advertising.
  8. Simple and fast creation of your ads – nowadays various social media platforms are giving an opportunity for advertising. For example, by only one click it is possible to promote products or campaign on Facebook.

Also as an advantage, we can treat various possibilities of online advertising. Two most common are[3]:

  • Search marketing – means advertising websites that are easy to find while searching in browsers.
  • Interactive advertising – it includes all banners, rich media, video advertising and more.

According to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) report, search marketing and interactive advertising in 2018 together represented 91% of the entire advertising revenue. Video marketing has grown the most comparing to previous years[4].



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Author: Anna Woroń