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Precision targeter
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Precision targeter -wanting to be a leader on the market, which constantly comes up against the expectations of its customers, you must constantly take care of the development and expansion of the company's offer. The correct, efficient introduction of the new product to the market, however, is not a simple matter. Every move should be carefully planned and conscious. For that to happen, we must take some actions that will allow us to get to know the market - including the expectations of our potential customers. This is precisely what precision target deals with - it is a person or company whose role and task is to prepare and deliver a marketing message to a specific group of people. Precise targeting is needed to optimize financial resources (marketing budget) and save money by addressing a marketing message to the customer with a high probability of future purchase. A precise targeter must obtain a comprehensive database of demographic profile of clients, needs, behaviors, habits and activities. Currently, this data is collected through the analysis of online activity in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, search engines, for example Google and information services[1].

A very important element is to know the needs of consumers and this is one of the key factors that will allow our company to succeed. After making such an analysis, we will better know the expectations of our potential customers, which will allow us to achieve the intended goal. Considering the fact that there is a lot of competition on the market, such research is necessary and an indispensable element of success. To minimize the risk of failure, however, it is necessary to periodically analyze the changing market situation due to the changing preferences of recipients Such research is important if we decide to enter our company into new markets. Such research can be carried out through environmental interviews, surveys, observations, and in-depth interviews[2].

Why is it worth using social media to distribute a new product?

1. Social media have a wide range because of their popularity, we can reach people from different social groups, different countries.

2. Thanks to social media, we are able to establish relationships with various people who can become our regular clients, through which we will have a stable income and stable market situation.

3. By advertising a new product on social media, we increase our chances not only to promote this product but also our brand. With the help of even one social networking site, our offer will go to a large group of people with just one click.

How to use social media to popularize the product?

It is important for the potential customer to be interested in his offer, encourage him to take advantage of our offer - a good step is to show enough that the customer felt that he will benefit from having this product and at the same time not show everything to get our product out of curiosity.

Who are the potential customers?

To get people interested in your offer, you have to find out who they are, how old they are, what kind of hobbies they have and what they prefer, what are their sexes, where they live, etc. This knowledge will allow to create a separate, individual marketing tactic for each group. This will allow specific and targeted stimulation of customers to take action.

Ways for customer interest

1. You can create a music video advertising the product.

2. Preparation of a counter which will measure time until the launch of a new product.

3. Organize a competition in which a new product will be won.

4. Promote your product thanks to the action in which each of the customers will have an impact on, for example, the appearance of this product.



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Author: Izabela Palonek