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Sales kit
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Sales kit is a folder that contains informations about the specific company and its products. It usually consists of promotional materials designed to help the seller acquire new customers. The materials contained in the sales kit may be formulated in general terms or adapted to the individual potential consumer. Having a sales kit is one of the key elements in running a business. It turns out to be particularly useful when we meet potential customers and want to present our offer in an attractive way. It is also essential when participating in trade shows and other industry events. Sales kit shows the company's offers, explains its activities, shows what distinguishes the company from the competition, and also contains detailed descriptions of products and services[1]. We can say that the sales kit affects the overall brand image and creates its corporate design, so an attractive and fitting packaging and a reliable folder is the essence. A company should create a branded folder, professionally designed in a standard size, which must necessarily contain the company logo. The design of the sales kit can be basic or original, matching the pattern of the company's activity. The choice of design depends on the field of activity and creativity of the company[2].

The sales kit usually contains[3]:

  • Sales Letter- a typical letter written on letterhead, general but modified for the desired clientele to highlight specific features.
  • Informational Company Brochure- it serves to emphasize the history of the company, mission and vision, location, business history, managing people, opportunities. They show the features and benefits that distinguish a company from other companies.
  • Services/products overview brochure- serves the purpose of distinguishing offered products and services, adjusts to customer requirements. It gives promises of service, shows the mechanisms and processes used, as well as customer service.
  • Individual Services informations- when a customer is willing to purchase a particular service or product, this card is used to show the characteristics and benefits of that service/product.
  • Individual Industry Informations- when a service is targeted at a particular individual or industry, you can prepare a sales brochure that is tailored to your needs, highlights the service, know-how and shows understanding of your customer's needs.
  • Other- industry publications, relevant press releases, news about awards, industry analysis client testimonial.


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Author: Weronika Kmiecik