Production cycle

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Production cycle
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Production cycle is used in two meanings:

The broad meaning is equal to concept of production process, while the narrow one describes production cycle itself as described here.

Elements of production cycle

Production cycle can be divided into:

  • working period,
  • break (rest) period.

Working period

  • technological operations,
  • natural processes,
  • inspection operations,
  • maintenance operations,
  • transport,
  • storage.
Fig. 1. The production cycle is time period of production process

Break period

  • breaks arising from the organization of the production process, including:
    • waiting time in magazines,
    • waiting in connection with the batch processing,
    • waiting in anticipation of the release of workplace.
  • breaks arising from the organization of the working day, including:
    • including changes of employees
    • scheduling breaks
    • non-working days and holidays,
  • other breaks.

Documents and methods used in production cycle planning and control

Following documents are used during production cycle design:

  • bill of materials,
  • operations list,
  • production orders,
  • material and equipment orders,
  • machine configuration,

Production cycle often involves various IT systems and management methods, such as:

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