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Productize means to take something from pieces, work on it, test, and finally end with product that is marketed. It is though not the same as production of goods and services. Productization doesn't need a tangible product of service. It is rather based on knowledge assets that are converted into products, e.g. learning meterials, consulting, training, etc.

Productized services are often based on subscription models. In this day and age productize is the first step of starting a company based on knowledge. Someone can create idea of service, then create start-up and then grow the company.

Typical jobs related to productization are:

  • content creation,
  • audio and video editing,
  • marketing optimization services,
  • food and drink delivery,
  • lead generation,
  • finance and accounting services,
  • support services,
  • public relations and media services,
  • coaching.

Content creation

Action to create a new, sensible issue.

Audio and video editing

Such systems use metadata created in a central location for shared use by connected users, or to increase user satisfaction with available program content in each user's location.

For automatic and manual identification and determination of programming segments are used these mechanisms:

  • associating descriptive metadata which the identifield segments
  • the use of customer locations through the dissemination of metadata
  • using the supplied metadata in order to selective recording and playback programming [1]

Marketing optimization services


  • measurement of empirical performance
  • calculation of theoretical efficiency
  • presenting the customer with forecasted savings and fee structure
  • real performance measurement
  • comparison of energy consumption after implementation with use before implementation[2]

Food and drink delivery

Delivery of goods or products in the form of food and drinks to a specific place within a specified time.

Lead generation

It is a method to attract potential customers. Identifies and extracts prospect identifiers from the purchase indicators which represent the potential future purchase by a potential customer[3].

Finance and accounting services

Conducting business activity within the meaning of the provisions on the freedom of economic activity consisting in the provision of financial and accounting services.

They include:

  • valuation of assets and liabilities and determining the financial result
  • preparation of financial statements
  • on the basis of accounting evidence, account books, including records of events in chronological and systematic order
  • periodic determination or checking by the inventory of the actual state of assets and liabilities
  • collection and storage of accounting documents and other documentation provided for by law
  • giving research and announcing financial statements in cases provided for in the Accounting Act

Support services

Improvement of business efficiency through support in the coordination of activities at the interface between business and technology-supporting services.

Public relations and media services

Public relations is often referred to as relationship management. It is understood as a continuous process and mutual exchange between the organization and its key recipients[4].

Media Servies is improvement of business efficiency through support in the coordination of media services.


It is an invaluable, developmental and reflective model in the field of psychology and humanities.



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Author: Anna Zuwała