Quality of work

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Quality of work refers to quality of workers activities. Together with quality of management it creates overall quality in the enterprise.

Quality of work is strictly linked with terms:

  • quality of product and
  • quality of life.

Person who thinks rationally tends to raise quality and productivity of his work, because through this he can raise his quality of life. He decreases the level of inputs required to reach objectives as well as tries to improve conditions in which the work is performed. Work should be treated as a way of seeking the truth, and without this the work lacks sense. It can have sense only if apart from economic dimension it also has personal, social and metaphysical ones.

Quality of work was distinguished by William Edwards Deming, who pointed that quality in the enterprise can be divided into quality of management and quality of work. The former is responsible for 60-90% of overall quality. Quality of management is related to managers work, while quality of work is related to employees work. Employees who only execute managers' decisions have little impact on the quality, however in many enterprises they are punished for low quality of products.