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Sales department
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The sales department is an important element of corporate structure. The main goal of the sales department is to increase the number of the sales of goods or services. Most often, sales departments are found in large corporations. The sales department and the marketing department are closely related. The sales department takes the responsibility of customer needs analysis, measuring the effectiveness of the sales, building relationships with customers and other more. Meanwhile, marketing departments supports all sales department's decisions[1].

The main goals of the sales department

In addition to increasing the number of the sales, the sales department is also responsible for increasing the conversion rate of the sales. A higher conversion results in a higher profit. Sales are a fundamental part between the customers and the product of the company. Therefore, attracting and retaining customers is an important task of this department. Market analysis and competition monitoring are also goals of the sales department[2].

The roles of the sales department

The functions of employees in the sales department can be very different, but they can be systematized as follows[3]:

  • Sales Development Representative: the purpose of SDR's activities is to prepare potential customers for the transaction using emails, cold calls, social networks. A sales development representative is responsible for collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Account Executive: is a person, who is responsible for maintaining relationships with existing customers and for attracting new customers, and also for planning and managing customer's advertising.
  • Sales Specialist: is a person, who works with wholesale and retail customers and also is responsible for the successful closing of the transaction.
  • Customer Success Representative: is a person, who works with clients and tries to lead them to ensure that they receive and realize the value of the product.
  • Sales Manager: is a leader of the team, who is responsible for coaching.


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Author: Viktoryia Yunik