Strategic management functions

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Strategic management functions
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Strategic management functions consist of specific methods and techniques used in the different stages of the strategic management process: analysis, planning, implementation and strategic control. Summary of various management activities (functions) used in the strategic management process is presented below. See also Category:Strategic management for broader description of the methodology and detailed description of strategic management functions.

Formulating business strategy

  1. Determining the purpose of company.
  2. Creating a mission and vision:
  3. Formulation of rules defining the competitive position in the company's political, legal, economic, social, technological and natural environment:
Fig. 1. Strategic management functions
  1. Developing a strategy for the company as a whole

Strategic market segmentation

  1. Identification of the strategic segments.
  2. Developing a coherent market segment strategy.
  3. Creating a decentralization policy.
  4. Designing and implementing policy and strategy for chosen segments.

Creating comprehensive strategic control system

  1. Defining assumptions for strategic control.
  2. Selection of criteria for the evaluation.
  3. Implementing control methods and techniques.
  4. Improving the strategic control model.